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Feel-Tek MK3







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Filtek MK3

MK3     €30,00







Vintage Feels.

Originally designed in the 1970´s the MK3 was first built and distributed only by the Swiss based company. Later the design was copied and licensed as an eq design for Danner Cassettes.
All circuitry for the MK3 is high quality and built according to the standards of the IRT (Institute für Rundfunktechnik). MK3 follows a long tradition of fine vintage broadcast modules. In the beginning these modules were built for radio stations exclusively due to their high factory price. Years later they found their way into recording studios around the world as used and now affordable gear. The MK3 equalizers are fully transformer-balanced.


The programs:

Carefully sampled @ 44.1kHz and 96kHz, without introduction of noise or aliasing, in a professional recording studio with custom converters built specifically for NAT3 which outperforms $20k commercial converters. High end cables, with particular care to the connections, levels and impedance matching were used to translate the sonic qualities of this priceless devices into the Nebula software technology. Every volume change, gain change, frequency change is tested and accurately programmed without destructive digital processing for optimized sound and then compared to the original device. The result is a virtually indistinguishable digital replication of this landmark device.
The programs don't sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe.



. Two units sampled: aged and refurbished *

. High Quality programs with full dynamics and harmonic content

. Special light edition "le" programs (CPU friendly)

. High Pass/Low Pass Filter combo -18dB/oct from 80 to 800Hz /  5 to 15kHz
. Bell Filter stepped from 50 to 400Hz +/- 16dB variable Q from 1 to 3
. Bell Filter stepped from 400Hz to 2.2kHz +/- 16dB variable Q from 1 to 3
. Bell Filter stepped from 2.2 to 18kHz +/- 16dB variable Q from 1 to 3

. Special AlexB skin (Nebula3 only)

  This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT N3 1.3.505 and N4-Player.  
  * Two units has been sampled in pair for real stereo use, every unit has been sampled two times.

The first sampling is of the unit is in it’s original aged conditions. This status gives a degraded sound (aged) with less frequency response, less dynamics response, less harmonic contents, less stereo depth and stereo image. This sound is erroneously considered “vintage”, when in reality it's "aged" due to the degradation of the electronic components. This degradation happens after 15-20 years of life.

The second sampling is of the unit completely refurbished and returned to the original as new conditions. This technical intervention restores the unit to the original sound and it can then rightfully be called “vintage”. It's the same sound you can listen on thousands old hit records.
The most critical, and most difficult task is to refurbish the unit without making changes to the original character and sound. This is achieved by the thoughtful choice of the right electronic components, and expert skills and experience in electronic engineering.

The aged sound can be a very useful fix to some badly recorded, harsh and digital tracks, but a nice recording will shine with the vintage sound. It is, however, possible to effectively and creatively use the aged version on nicely recorded tracks to impart some specific color if desired (art is subjective, after all).







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