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EMI BBC AM22 from Golden Gate Recording

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A Very Rare piece of British Broadcasting history.

EBeQ is the rare vintage germanium program equalizer built for BBC broadcast console in the '70 years. The unit has been totally refurbished and re calibrated since it was improperly racked into fake Abbey Road case using telephone cables and low quality components.
Now, with audio grade electronics and Mogami premium cables, this fantastic EQ is returned to shine with his stunning lows, wide midrange and an incredibly airy top end, with the full germanium character and coils sweetness. This unit share the same circuitry of the EMI Abbey Road mastering console TG12410.




The programs:

Carefully sampled @ 44.1kHz and 96kHz, without introduction of noise or aliasing, in a professional recording studio with custom converters built specifically for NAT3 which outperforms $20k commercial converters. High end cables, with particular care to the connections, levels and impedance matching were used to translate the sonic qualities of this priceless devices into the Nebula software technology. Every volume change, gain change, frequency change is tested and accurately programmed without destructive digital processing for optimized sound and then compared to the original device. The result is a virtually indistinguishable digital replication of this landmark device.

The programs don't sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe.





. High Quality programs with full dynamics and harmonic content

. Special light edition "le" programs (CPU friendly)

. Mid bell fixed 1.4Khz, 2.8kHz, 4kHz, 5.6kHz + 6dB

. Low and High Shelf combo at 60Hz (Bass) +/- 6dB and 10kHz (Treb) +/- 12dB
. Special AlexB skin (Nebula3 only)

  This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT N3 1.3.505 and N4-Player.  











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