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Plugins Acqua Engine Based

By Acustica Audio in collaboration with AlexB



It's the first plugin powered by Nebula Engine and totally free !

AcquaVox is a simple to use - yet world class – emulation of a classic, highly revered preamp. Perfect for adding warmth to recorded instruments like guitars and drums, and for imparting analog feel to vocal tracks. Sporting a sleek and refined user interface, AcquaVox is a top-quality emulation of a world-class preamp.




StradiPad is created to fulfill your demand for synthetic strings, synth pad and acoustical string instruments tracks processing. Normally, you don't need more than one instance of StradiPad on your track to obtain a finished sound which stays in the right place in the mix. Stradipad is a standalone plugin comparable to a real hardware-chain often composed by unique and unobtainable devices.


Neo  Console

The Neo Console Plug-In Suite (3 single plug-ins) is a world class desk gives at your mix a solid base with punch to win on the groove.





The D361A Special Edition (4 presets) reproduces the sound of a classic unit used in countless records in the 1960’s.




Trinity eQ

This console equalizer provides the sweet musicality of the well known British EQ sound. With his four bands plus HPF you can use it virtually for all music styles by smoothing the sound, or make it more aggressive and character full ideally for dance and electronic music. Trinity eQ is the perfect complement of the Neo Console.






These plugins are not available anymore. They has been replaced with the new better sounding libraries for Nebula.





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