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  TubeTech CL1B
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The Blue Sound

All tube based Opto compressors. The units feature a gain-reduction element, positioned immediately after the input transformer. It is controlled by the sidechain amplifier, which also contain the two time control circuits. The gain-reduction element is followed by a tube-based push-pull amplifier. The number of hit records featuring these compressors is countless and the number of stars demanding them for their recording and mixing is extreme! Use them for keys, guitars, vocals, mixbus, mastering, the result is always musical and transparent.
Some differences exist between the two units, the C2A dual compressor has a little more "round" character to the compression and a little different frequency response compared to C1B mono compressor.
These compressors deliver the most musical "blue sound" by tubes and smooth, clean musical compression by opto cell, just what's needed to make the track glue to your mix without mudiness or distortion.

The units has been refurbished with BC audio capacitors and NOS Telefunken / Siemens tubes.



The programs:

Carefully sampled @96kHz and @44.1kHz in a professional recording studio with hi-quality audio and digital cables and master grade converters with audio levels perfectly matched and calibrated. They are precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing. The programs don't sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe.



. 10 differents programs at 5K

. C1B ratio 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1

. C2A ratio 1,5:1, 3:1, 5:1, 7:1, 10:1

. Internal HPF SideChain

. External SideChain function

. Special skin

. Over 100MB library programs

. Available as single library (C1B, C2A) or as discounted bundle (OTD)




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