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Normal production uses standard components and compromise circuitry to maintain lower production costs and highest profits.

Fortunately all hardware can be improved by rising sonic performance with affordable costs employing audio grade components.


I develop these upgrades with professional tools in my modern laboratory, I'm an expert technician who works into professional electronic engineering for over 25 years.

Upgrade improves dynamics leaving the music breathe and move naturally, the whole focus and instruments separation is more clear, transients are more defined returning the original depth and space at the sound stage. Extended frequency response with clean and solid bass, defined mid and crisp highs.


Vintage unit in it's aged condition gives a degraded sound (aged) with less frequency response, less dynamics response, less harmonic contents, less stereo depth and stereo image. This sound is erroneously considered “vintage”, when in reality it's "aged" due to the degradation of the electronic components. This degradation happens after 15-20 years of life.


Refurbishing it's a technical intervention which restores the unit to the original sound and it can then rightfully be called “vintage”. It's the same sound you can listen on thousands old hit records.
The most critical, and most difficult task is to refurbish the unit without making changes to the original character and sound. This is achieved by the thoughtful choice of the right electronic components, and expert skills and experience in electronic engineering.


I don't use any cheap or Chinese mass production component but only high grade, military and audio components only. Every single component changed is carefully selected by test-set analyzers in the laboratory and then by listening test in the mastering studio with high resolution playback system.


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