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The New Full Analog Mastering Studio is under construction. It will be ready to work very soon.

Some Little Details:

. Perfect Accurate Acoustic Environment
. Custom made Top Notch quantum* Mastering Converters
. Super Silent AC Power cabled with Belden - the same cables used in the Operating Room

. Custom quantum* Analog Console
. Mogami and Zu Audio Libtec audio cables
. Custom made Class D audio amplifier
. PMC high resolution speakers

. Custom made Mastering Analog Tape Emulator
. Custom made High Grade HPF
. Custom made Mastering Stereo Compressor

. Custom made Mastering DeEsser
. Weiss LP eQ

. Custom made Mastering eQualizers
. Thermionic Phoenix Mastering VariMU Tube Compressor
. Custom made Analog Brickwall Limiter

. Custom made Special Analog Processor for Mastering to High Quality MP3

All gears are modified, upgraded and designed/built by myself. No IC or electrolytics in the audio path. Only high voltage circuitry and top notch audio/military components.

Pure Music & Sound.



* Like the Weeping Angels (by Doctor Who) when you try to observe them they become quantum-locked and you can't see their movement. They move when you blink!
In the same quantum way these gears are virtually inaudible if you try to listen them, and following the universal spiritual approach: all is one.


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