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  My modest home studio

Designed and completely built by myself, included ceiling and basstraps, in June 2009 and upgraded during the 2011.

Specifications include Mogami, Belden and Van del Hull audio and digital wiring, an electrical transformer with industrial filters and Belden cables for clean, isolated and harmonic free 220v AC power. All lighting by LED.


Gear includes: Two Win7 desktop computers, top-notch mastering AD/DA 24 channels converters (designed and built by myself) and both modern and vintage gear.

Also included are custom designed devices, incuding a Class A 24 channels tube mix/mastering console based on vintage Telefunken-Neumann designs, SSL equalizers and compressors, Neumann equalizers and compressors, top notch reverb units. Monitoring is provided by modified Yamaha MSP7's.


Instruments include: Rodriguez flamenco guitar, vintage Fender Telecaster, vintage Fender Stratocaster, vintage Gibson Les Paul, F-Bass studio, Yamaha CP33 digital piano, Korg keyboard, hi-quality vsti sample libraries, Moog and Korg vintage analog synths and various acoustic instruments, including wind and percussion.


All music and videoclips are written, performed, recorded and produced only by myself.

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